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Data – In today’s rapidly digitising world, the security of your data and information is crucial to life.

Water – A life-giving essential that we often take for granted.

Solutions for Asia (SA) understands the needs and nuances of Asia and we help make lives better with our world-class Mobile Threat Defense, Cybersecurity and Cloud Security Solutions.


We work exclusively with the world’s leading brands to bring you internationally award-winning and proven solutions aimed at making lives better


Move your enterprise fearlessly forward into the new digital landscape with CyberArk Privileged Security Solution. (In association with MDP Cambodia) CyberArk


Mobile Security

zIPS is the only machine learning-based, on-device mobile security solution purpose built to give you enterprise level mobile security.
(In association with MDP Cambodia)



Honeywell’s advanced technology capabilities ensure reduced risks through a holistic cybersecurity approach leveraging advanced software detection backed by continuous technology innovation.



Customised pre-emptive to responsive cyber-resilience solutions. Your one-stop, end-to-end partner. Go beyond cyber-protection and security for true peace of mind.

SA Red Team

Alibaba Cloud

Serving more than 200 countries and regions across the globe, Alibaba Cloud is one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies. Find out how we can help your business build, manage and scale a cloud solution that lets you innovate and tap into unreached business potential

Alibaba Cloud

Water security

Be it a new energy-efficient solution, highly effective filtration system, or just a novel way to support the potable water supply in disaster-relief, our aim is to provide clean water for homes and the larger population.

Water Security

Cloud Security

Have you taken steps to ensure that the company data that’s stored online via the cloud platform is secured against leakage, theft or any form of breaches? Given the various forms of cloud security available, allow us to help you determine what works best for your needs.

Cloud Security

Cloud Services

Cloud services allow companies, their staff and customers, off-premise – convenient and secure access to a wide range of services and resources via the internet, on-demand and in real-time.

Cloud Services

Why we do what we do

SA Investment Holdings Pte Ltd (SA) was established in 2014 with the mission of making the lives of up to 4 billion people in Asia better with technologically advanced solutions.

  • We believe in mutual benefit for everyone in the value chain, from our principals, suppliers, to clients and partners.
  • We strive for a balance in financial, human, social and natural capital for sustainable growth, not growth and profit at any cost.
  • We hold our employees to the highest standard of business ethics, conduct and regulatory compliance in every geographical territory where we operate.
  • We believe that if we look after our employees, they will look after our business.
  • We aim to give our partners and customers brand assurance, safety and protection when they work with us.

Join us in our mission.

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